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Hey, I'm Gigi, and I want to take you into the world of meaningful love moments.
A deep, heartwarming conversation with a friend, the hug that seems to take away all your worries, or the genuine smile of someone you care about.
It is these moments that color your days.
Love comes in all kinds of forms: the support of friends in difficult times, the intimate moments with a partner and even the unconditional love of pets.
By consciously reflecting on these loving moments, you can not only appreciate their value, but also actively pursue more of these precious connections in life. Let's explore the richness of love together.

What makes a moment truly loving and special for you?

Lounge Armchair with velor fabric and recycled feathers
It is not quite big enough for two people to sit in, but it is suitable for a warm and cozy cuddle moment.
Usage tip: with a suitable soft rug you can embrace yourself with warmth in the moment

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Width: 162 cm Depth: 110 cm Height: 85 cm Seat height: 41 cm


Made in: Europe
Delivery time: 8 weeks